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Invitation for a Youth Climate Summit, 10th September


With a great pleasure we would like to invite you at the Youth Climate Summit in Skopje held on 10th September at the MKC Parc. The purpose of the summit is to involve young people in the climate policies and to strengthen the youth network for climate action. The process of involving young people will be through:

  1. Becoming a U-reporter, UNICEF tool for youth participation, where you would answer simple and short questions about climate change and your opinion will be considered in the text for the Youth Climate Declaration, a document that will be presented at the UN Youth Summit in Milan, Italy
  2. The Youth Climate Summit in Skopje scheduled for 10th September is targeting young people aged 15 to 24 and eco-innovators. For all young people outside of Skopje costs will be covered. For eco-innovators logistics and transportation will be secured. The agenda can be looked at 

Apply here if you are young person age 15-24 to participate at the Youth Climate Summit on the 10th September

Apply here if you are school, NGO or else to be part of the Eco-innovation Fair at the Summit on 10th September

Become U-reporter here if you would like your opinion to be heard in the Youth Climate Declaration

The Youth Climate Summit in Skopje is a youth-led initiative supported by UNICEF and funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), organized in partnership with the Embassy of Italy, as country-host of the UN Youth Climate Summit in Milan, and the Embassy of the United Kingdom, as country-host of the UN Climate change conference in Glasgow.

For any questions or clarification don’t hesitate to contact us.